The Insanely Precious, Ordinary Moments of a Life

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ode to Endings

Every ending is sacred.

Every time we allow ourselves to let go,
our heart stretches out

as roots reach for deeper soil, wider knowledge of the ground.

To say goodbye is to say yes to the moment that is ever passing;
to appreciate without conditions;
to receive the experience, and then let it pass.

After all, happiness is not in the object, not in the person, not in the idea-
it is in the experience, which is essentially impermanent.

One cannot hold joy, cannot keep it as a possession.

Joy exists in movement, it comes and we can only receive it, and let it pass.
If you miss it, know it will come again naturally. It cannot be held.

And in the end,
an end itself is just a move around the circle
which is infinite.

To say goodbye shows the greatest possible trust in our ability to live.

It is an opening.